QA and CI/CD with Vercel and GitHub Actions

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Carter Capocaccia
Carter Capocaccia

I want to expose how I set up my QA and CI/CD process for this site. I approached this piece of my website knowing that this is a simple site. I don't need to go overkill. I just need to know my change did not break core functionality. Even though it's simple, I approached this as a great learning opportunity. I wanted to set up hooks in the development cycle, automated UI test execution, and have preview environments.

So in an effort to “not go overkill” I leveraged existing tooling. To scaffold out this site, I used Create Next App. Then I added some additional tooling.


  • Jest - Jest is a fantastic unit testing library that I encourage every web dev to explore and use.

  • Testing Library - I use Testing Library because it forces me to interact with my UI like a user during a test.

  • Husky - Husky is my "go to" tool when I want to utilize Git Hooks. In this app, I run all unit tests when a commit is attempted.

  • Cypress - Cypress is, to me, the best UI testing product on the market.

  • Cypress Dashboard - This allows me to have a place to view test reports, recordings and screenshots.

  • Cypress-io/GitHub-Action - Automates my test runs. I use events to trigger my tests to run. For example, when a pull request is sent to the Master branch my Cypress tests are automatically executed.

  • Vercel - Vercel deploys and caches my site for me. It also automatically generates preview environments for feature branches when I submit a pull request.

  • - All of the diagrams on this page were made with and its one of my favorite free tools on the web.


  • Working locally

    When working locally, I attempt to commit my code and Husky initiates my pre-commit hook which is executing all unit tests. If these tests pass, I am allowed to push to my remote branch.

    Dev Workflow Diagram

  • Upon Pull Request

    Once I have finished my work, I submit my pull request to my trunk branch commonly referred to as Main or Master. At the time I submit this request, Cypress is automatically executed against the incoming branch via GitHub Actions. I can view these results on the Cypress Dashboard.

    Pull Request Diagram

  • Ready to deploy

    When I am ready to deploy, I have passed my unit tests, passed my Cypress tests, and finally I do a quick click through of my preview environment provided by Vercel. After I validate there, I merge my branch into my trunk branch and it is automatically deployed to production.

    Deployement Workflow Diagram

Thats it! So in short, I test early, often, and without manual intervention where possible. I am unit testing, UI testing, in a CI/CD pipeline on a small an effective scale. Husky automates running my unit tests, GitHub Actions automates running my Cypress tests, and Vercel automated my deployment! Still have questions about this? Feel free to contact me. My contact information can be found in the footer on this page. Lastly, I have posted the entire CI/CD diagram below.

CI/CD Workflow Diagram